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João-Pierre S. Ruth

Adopting the name of its chief product, New York’s GramercyOne became Booker Software on Tuesday, and in 2013 plans to take its automated deal-making service out of a pilot phase and make it available to more businesses.

Companies such as hair salons, spas, fitness centers, chiropractors, and photographers use the two-year-old startup’s cloud-based platform to fill up their appointments and manage other aspects of their businesses. Essentially Booker tries to do for service-type businesses what does for hotels or does with unsold airline tickets.

Booker CEO Josh McCarter says his company’s strategy is evolving beyond scheduling and managing appointments. In addition to the main platform, its Deal Maker automated marketing software has been used on a limited basis, and he plans to make it more widely available in 2013. Deal Maker leverages big data gathered by Booker to help businesses ...


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