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Endgame is going to be a fascinating project in collective storytelling. The project started as Endgame: The Calling, a novel published in October by bestselling author James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton. It is the first of three books.

Before the second novel comes out, Google’s Niantic Labs division will launch its Endgame mobile game that huge numbers of players will be able to play. Much like its predecessor Ingress title, Endgame is an alternate reality game, set in the real world with real locations as the battlegrounds that 12 factions will fight over. Fans form their own factions based on the Ancient Societies in the Endgame novel. In that novel, the societies compete with each other to be the one faction that survives the apocalypse. Each faction is led by one of the teen characters in the book, and that teen has been trained for the moment when they ...


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