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(The current background image located on my Google+ Page)

If you’d like to get snack-sized franchise tips, consider this to be your official invite to receive them for free, Monday-Friday.

But, there’s a catch.

You have to have a Google+ account.



I’ll be writing my #dailyfranchisetip from the rear study of my Castle in the morning, and posting them on my Google+ Page, shortly thereafter.

(Please follow me on Google+ so you won’t miss my franchise tips.)

I’ve been posting my #dailyfranchisetip on Twitter @FranchiseKing, but was getting increasingly frustrated by the Twitter 140 character limit.

Sometimes my Royal franchise tips need more space. I don’t want to give shortened tips. I want to give useful tips.

Right, Chris?

Here are a few examples of my #dailyfranchisetip from my Twitter account:



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