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I was talking to my friend Barney last week . He’s very knowledgeable about the food industry, and is one of very few people I know in franchising who, like me, actually worked in food-service.

Now, when I say “worked in food service,” in Barney’s case, he was an Owner. Barney owned several food concessions at a major university.  Me-I wasn’t a food-service business Owner. Instead, I was in management, and was even a Maitre’D in Las Vegas, years ago.

Back to pizza. And, some of the franchise trends related to it.


Franchise Trends: Is Pizza Getting Hot Again?

Barney, (during a phone call we were having about something else at the time) told me to start keeping my eye on pizza, and what some of the pizza restaurants in the franchise sector were doing.

He told me about the “Gourmet” pizza craze that was starting to ...


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