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It’s very beneficial for today’s potential franchise owners to get a feel of the opportunities they’re interested in from a lot of different angles.

Existing franchisees are a great source of information about the opportunity. Franchise executives are, too.

(Chris Adkins)

That’s why we reached out to  Chris Adkins, who’s the VP of Franchise Sales for The UPS Store®. Chris was kind enough to answer a few questions about The UPS Store franchise business opportunity for you; my valued readers and blog subscribers.  You are welcome to read about Chris and what he brings to the franchise table, here, before you dig in to my interview of him.

One more thing: The UPS Store® is a featured advertiser on The Franchise Biz Directory.


Franchise Interviews: The UPS Store®

Me: Please describe the relationship between UPS and The UPS Store? How do you work ...


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