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My friend, Greg George, tells me that I’m kind of harsh on franchisors. Greg is 100% right. I am tough on franchisors. I’m harsh on franchisors when I see something they do that really frosts my as _. That’s why when I see Franchise CEO’s do what I’m about to describe they really get my attention.

But First…

I want you to know that my delivery (when I call out a franchisor) is a bit intense-but my heart is always in the right place.

For example, I’d wager that the CEO of ActionCoach didn’t like what I wrote about his concept. And?

And I don’t care if Sugars liked it or not. It’s not like he’s a well-respected franchise person. For proof, check out this back and forth concerning the Brad Sugars Wikipedia page that was deleted. (Even if he ...


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