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When Apple opened up iOS to third-party keyboard apps this year, a slew of startups rejoiced as the move effectively opened up their service to hundreds of millions more users.

One of those companies was San Francisco-based Fleksy, which arrived on the scene shortly after iOS 8 launched with a system-wide version of its popular keyboard app.

While SwiftKey has adopted a freemium pricing model instead of charging for downloads like it used to, Fleksy has stuck to its premium guns, with users paying $1 to access the app. But Fleksy has also followed SwiftKey’s lead by introducing a premium themes store that lets users dress their virtual keyboard up, available through $1 in-app purchases.

Today, Fleksy lifts the lid on its next moves to monetize its app on Android and iOS.

What Fleksy has in Store

In addition to a general redesign and a bucketful of new themes ...


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