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Media coverage––online, print, and social––has the potential to launch your start-up or established business from obscurity to buzz-worthy. But without a glitzy PR firm on retainer (yet), how can you garner the attention of journalists?

First rule of thumb––journalists typically want to make some sort of difference. Their mission is to tell a unique story that spurs action, inspires, or achieves killer scoop status. So help them separate themselves from the pack. Do your homework, and glean a thorough understanding of the type of content featured across their publication––blog or site. Then offer a few of these things: breaking news, provocative content, or the chance to showcase a cutting-edge product, person, or idea. In other words, if content is king, give them a crown jewel. Here’s how:

Five Tips for Garnering (and Keeping) Media Attention

1. Choose a current, relevant, unique topic

Is your story ...


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