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Market forecasting is one of the most important traits in any entrepreneur. Figuring out what the consumer wants before they know it themselves is infinitely important. It’s also really frustrating when someone else hits the spot before you have your chance.

We combed through our deep-seeded insecurities to bring you a list of current (last five years) products that made us smack our foreheads. Hopefully, they’ll bring you one step closer to your ah-ha moment.

5. Amazing Jellybean

Everyone hates when their internet gets wonky. Everyone also hates that 30 seconds spent tapping their feet while their router restarts after unplugging it and plugging it back in again. The Amazing Jellybean is the cure for all of your frustrations. It acts as a middleman between your router and modem that’ll make sure your internet is working properly. It’s bluetooth enabled, so all you have to do ...


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