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from 1806 days ago

When I hear the folks on the 'other side' talk (I'm a Democrat), I feel as if they're part of a select, elite, "me and mine" group that excludes people like me. Not the Democrat me. I'm talking about the woman, the person, the business owner.

This image, created by Tom, my significant (and he is significant) other, says it better than I can. In my world, we're all in this together. We work together. We take care of each other. We don't run around talking about, Me, Me, Me... like Romney and Ryan are doing today. In my world, it's the United States of America. Not... NY or Pennsylvania or Virginia or Colorado. It's us, together, in a country full of hope and expectation. I'm sorry if they don't see it - I do. And, no, I don't want to ...


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