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Evernote has just released a major update to its desktop software dubbed Evernote 5 for Mac, “with over 100 new features.”

It’s a pretty drastic redesign, and one that focuses intently to navigation. Evernote already has many of the features that were re-crafted today, like multiple Notebooks (both shared and private), tag search, and a left-hand organization bar.

The major benefit of this update isn’t a brand new feature, but rather a streamlining and simplifying of Evernote’s already successful features.

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On the left hand side, now blue instead of grey, you’ll see Shortcuts, Recent Notes, a Notes button that takes you to a unified inbox, and Notebooks. For the first time, Evernote is putting both personal and shared notebooks together in one layout, giving you a birds eye view of your virtual notepad.

An interesting and brand new features is Atlas, which ...


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