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If you can pull yourself away from Olympic coverage on Twitter and Youtube, do check out these winning ecommerce links from July.

  • Luke W has an interesting entry on evolving ecommerce checkout from a usability perspective.
  • Some pricing psychology: consumers prefer to super size because they’re bad at math. (Time Magazine)
  • Get the 411 on the difference between Facebook Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories
  • Ready to get creative with your email testing? Here are 101 things you could be testing.
  • Have you wrapped your head around Google’s Panda update? Smart Insights has some smart insights for you.
  • Bing. You know, that other search engine. Discover 4 ways to use Bing Webmaster Tools for SEO.
  • As important as SEO is your site search optimization. Econsultancy shares 13 best practice tips for site search.
  • If you missed it, our gest post on Econsultancy: 8 conversion essentials for telecom e-shops
  • Now ...


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