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Note: This is the last of our four-part WDS 2014 recap from the Fizzle team. You can read the other three here: Chase’s, Corbett’s, and Caleb’s.

I’m back in the saddle after another trip to Portland for World Domination Summit (WDS), put on by Chris Guillebeau and company. 2014 was my third year attending the (un)conference, and I took away lessons that you can just as easily apply in your own work and life.

With every passing year, I’ve found that my takeaways remain consistent, perhaps even honing ideas planted as seeds in previous years with each passing weekend spent in Portland. As I settle back into work in the aftermath, I find myself thinking along three major axes related to work.


The Axes: Me, Money, and Alone? or Customers, The Work, and Community?

  1. Me vs Customers – when I decide what to do first ...


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