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This article is available at -- the slides and content will be updated periodically. I'm working on a really big project on the topic of culture.  Follow me on twitter (@dharmesh) to get an update on March 20th when it comes out in public beta.

This article represents the notes and slides related to a talk I'm about to give (in less than 60 minutes) at the #LeanStartup event at #SxSW 2013.

Culture Code: Creating a Company You Love from Dharmesh Shah

Here are my notes on the talk.  Note:  I'm writing these roughly 90 minutes before I go on stage, so they're a bit rough.  

1.  Posted the historical recurring revenue numbers of HubSpot.  Rationale:  Transparency is one of our core cultural values at HubSpot.  So, every year, we post our financial deck with details   

2. Entrepreneurs don't spend many calories thinking ...


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