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Chops – How to Get Some is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino

You want your dream clients to find you interesting, insightful, and compelling. You want them to recognize that you are the value (or a very big part of it). You want to be Mr. Trusted Advisor or Ms. Consultative Salesperson. If you’re going to be this for your dream clients, you’re going to have to have some chops.

A slide deck isn’t chops. A teachable insight ain’t chops, either. You can’t fake chops. You either got some chops or you ain’t got no chops.

Chops is knowing your own business inside and out. It’s knowing your industry so well it’s scary. Chops is about the business end of the stick. It’s about making things happen. It’s knowing how to help your clients get results.

Chops ...


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