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Choose Excuses or Reasons is a post from: The Sales Blog | S. Anthony Iannarino

One of the ways that the human ego protects itself is by rationalizing, by making excuses that absolve you of responsibility for your poor performance.

  • You didn’t reach your sales goal? Your brain provides the excuse. It was the economy, the government, your territory, or your competitor’s price.
  • You mishandled an important conversation by being unduly harsh or obstinate? Your brain rationalizes away your bad behavior by reminding you that nothing you said was untrue, and the person you were speaking with really needed to hear what you said.
  • You skipped your morning workout? Well, you were really tired, it’s just one workout, and you can make it up tomorrow.

The one force that overcomes excuses is reasons. With strong enough reasons, your excuses weaken and lose their hold.

The people who reach ...


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