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How would you like your startup to get 10,000 media mentions that is seen by an estimated 10 million peole – for one story?  This just happened for Boston-based WordStream, a search marketing startup.  In the words of Founder/CTO Larry Kim, “We hit the public relations lottery.”

Here’s how they did it – and what you can learn from their success:

Be topical

Kim said that every month, they send out a press release that is more general interest (rather than SEO or search marketing focused) that will appeal to a wide audience.  Since there was so much media attention around the Facebook IPO story, they ran with that.

Write from your perspective

Since WordStream helps companies with online advertising, they wrote about the IPO story based on their expertise.  “We thought, well, we have to be credible and come from the angle of an Internet marketer,” said Kim ...


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