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Above: "Look honey, you're wasted."

Measuring blood alcohol level might be just as important to some people as measuring steps or heart rate. It’s a relatively new metric in the “quantified self” movement, but it makes sense.

Breathometer today unveiled a new device in its line of breathalyzers — a wearable gadget called the Breeze that can clip onto your clothing or onto the inside of a purse.

It also integrates with Apple’s HealthKit. The idea is that you can carry around the Breeze during a night of drinking and feed the results into the Breathometer app. The data can be shared with HealthKit and directed to display (with other kinds of health data) in the Health app in iOS 8.

Breathometer CEO Charles Michael Yim told me that the device, which communicates via Bluetooth with your phone, returns results very quickly and with law enforcement-grade accuracy. If ...


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