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I’ve been wanting to write this…”Because Of Them: My Personal Story” for a long time. Because of George I’m doing it. (More on George later)

A lot of people have impacted me throughout my life. Some of them have provided the impetus for things I tried. Some of them influenced my career direction. Some of them helped push me towards things I was good at-even when I didn’t feel I was. Some even helped shape my personality.

And one of them saved my life. Literally.

Because Of Them: My Personal Story

I’d like to introduce you to them. Drums first.


Because Of Buddy Rich

I only had to see Buddy Rich once. What he did with two sticks and a few plastic skins mesmerized me. Changed me really. (At the ripe young age of 11) Here’s a solo he did several years ago. Check ...


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