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Image Credit: has just landed $750,000 so it can bring more of its social marketing automation to businesses.

The Atlanta-based company offers a plug-and-play approach, where marketing platforms like Eloqua or email service providers like MailChimp can be readily integrated with its cloud-based social data/messaging platform. The company’s offering can also be used as a standalone tool.

“Let’s say you’re a travel deals website,” CEO and co-founder Roz Lemieux suggested to VentureBeat.

“You can listen for mentions [on social channels] by your customers of the SXSW [Festival], and trigger flight deals to Austin, Texas, today [and] hotel and car deals six months out, then add that [customer] to your ‘business travelers’ segment” for future offers.

Additionally, she noted, a rule can be set up so that any similar mentions on social channels get similar offers. Messaging ...


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