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By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld)

Over the years, I have ranted quite a bit about different types of behavior that annoy me on the social web. Things like group tagging on Facebook or Twitter, begging for likes or retweets, and others. It was time for another addition to the “Please don’t ever do this on social media. Ever” list.

As a person who tries to produce content as often as possible, this topic is a very relevant one, but the truth is, in the era of Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and Facebook, we are all content producers in one way or another, so this issue pretty much applies across the board.

Listen, I get it, if a YouTube video doesn’t start playing in 2 seconds, you are outta there. If I can’t summarize my entire being in 160 characters, then I am not worth investing the energy required ...


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