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The Home Shopping Network has a new generation of competition with Amazon’s new home makeover show: The six-episode show, titled “Overhaul,” will feature various YouTube stars getting their homes remade in an effort to sell more through Amazon.

If successful, this model could grow into more shows designed to toe the line between entertainment and ecommerce.

The Goal: Selling More

Don’t take my word on what Amazon’s motives for creating a shopping-centric show are.

“Amazon Home is constantly looking to innovate and find ways to bring our customers inspiration when searching for products,” Kristiana Helmick, director of home innovation at Amazon, told Business Insider.

“The ‘Overhaul’ series is a great opportunity to provide our customers with some curation and guidance when searching through our large selection of products and we continue to look for new and different ways to do that. … This is the first time Amazon ...


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