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As part of the UC Santa Barbara’s Distinguished Lecture Series, Emmy Award winner Seth Epstein and current Founder and CEO of SocialStay, described seven practical, hands-on techniques entrepreneurs can use to enhance their overall awesomeness.

Seth’s comments were particularly intriguing, as he attended UCSB but departed school before graduating in order to start a successful clothing company.




You can watch the 11-minute excerpt from Seth’s talk below, in which expounds upon the Seven Tools Of Awesomeness. You can also view it directly on YouTube here:

1. Be An Active Listener

I assert in an entry entitled Listen that most people in western societies are ineffective, passive listeners. We are trained to treat conversations like tennis matches, each person lobbing the conversation back and forth, with few thoughtful pauses between each volley. Seth agrees. He encourages entrepreneurs to be active listeners by, "Listening to ...


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