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Do you own a domain name? Have you ever given any thought to how much that domain name might be worth? You might be surprised at how many people have made their millions off of domain names alone.

The following is a list of the 60 top domainers.

1. Adam Dicker (DNForum)

Adam Dicker first bought DNForum back in March of 2003. He is the founder of High Impact Sites, Inc., a company who makes their money by buying high traffic domain names and turning them into pay-per-click sites. Apart from domains, Dicker also runs several high profile websites, such as the site that put his name out there in the first place, DNForum.

2. Ammar Kubba (TrafficZ)

Ammar Kubba is the CEO of Thought Convergence, Inc., a business advisor, and an investor. Ammar had an integral part in TrafficZ, which already had a reputation of its own before being ...


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