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from 1841 days ago

By Amanda Ponzar

  1. Callouses -– three on my left palm, rough from carrying the baby’s car seat all over creation.
  2. Scars –- c-section and more, marring a previously unblemished body.
  3. Bruises –- from rocking baby and carrying kids, car seats and bags galore every time I leave the house (book bag, diaper bag, bottle bag, work bag, purse, lunch, etc.).
  4. Fine wrinkles and occasional puffy eyes –- from waking in the night and early morning to care for two of the most precious little people on the planet; from working hard, from laughing, smiling, even a little worrying.
  5. Gray hairs -– only a few to date, thank God, but they indicate I’m aging, and with that, presumably, comes wisdom, but definitely experience and expanded bandwidth. I can do more, bear more, be more.

Would I go back to the glory days of my teens and twenties? Never. Not unless I could take what ...


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