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Allow me to take a moment to share with you what works on YouTube. I’ve found that these 20 tips will turn your videos into overnight sensations and capture the attention of the masses. Granted, it doesn’t happen overnight and a fair amount of work is required, but the phenomenal results––if you follow all of these ideas––will bring tremendous attention to your brand.

  1. Keep it Short. Brevity is key. Online video viewers’ attentions spans are relatively short––good videos get the point across in three minutes or less.
  2. Video Quality. Be conscientious of your lighting and get crisp imagery and sound. Nothing will make a viewer click off faster than a video filled with static and mumbled speech.
  3. Edit Your Videos. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your videos Robin Thicke-superstar quality! Enhance your uploaded videos, and take advantage of YouTube Video ...


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