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Silicon Bayou, anyone? John Grindley, the executive director of CoHabitat Foundation, makes a case for the Louisiana town at the top of the boot.

John Grindley is the executive director of CoHabitat Foundation, whose Cohab workspace has become something of a hub for tech startups in the unlikely location of Shreveport, Louisiana. We caught up with Grindley to ask why you should consider bringing your startup to the bayou.

FAST COMPANY: Where’s Shreveport exactly?

JOHN GRINDLEY: As Louisiana is a boot, it’s at the top of the state, where you put your foot in, at the top left. We’re in what’s called the Ark-La-Tex, where Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas meet. You couldn’t be further from New Orleans and still be in the same state. We’re about five hours from New Orleans, but three hours from Dallas and Little Rock. People ask, are you in ...


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