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You have 168 hours in a week and 52 weeks in a year. That’s 8,736 hours. What you do with each hour is your decision. You can invest that hour, or you can squander it, believing you have many more hours in which to make a better decision later.

If you eat three meals a day, that is 1,095 decisions. I just watched the man in seat 3C drink three screwdrivers and wash them down with a tiny bottle of Kailua and a coffee. Separately. It’s 7:45 in the morning, and we are flying from Omaha to Atlanta. His physical, mental, and emotional state is radically different, and I wonder what the rest of his day will be like.

Success and productivity is the result of 1,000s of tiny decisions well or poorly made.

One way to improve your decisions is to make them ...


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