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Gallup has started a quarterly tracking survey on microbusinesses, which they seem to define as having less than 5 employees (their methodology section is a bit hazy on this).  

The most recent survey was on how much vacation time microbiz owners take. The results were quite interesting.

Gallup focused on the fact that 1 in 5 microbiz owners took no vacation last year. 

They also reported that the median microbiz owner took 12 days of vacation, which according to Gallup is comparable with the vacation habits of the general population.

But much more interesting to me is their finding that almost 1 in 5 (18%) microbiz owners reported taking more than 2 months of vacation last year

These folks pulled the average amount of vacation time taken by microbiz owners up to 29 days.

Gallup refers to these people as "vacation "outliers" who take much more vacation per year than ...


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