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from 145 days ago

What happens when a great business idea hits you like a bolt of lighting? Joining me is a founder who says that happened to him — and it led him to build a multimillion dollar business. Scott Hill is the co-founder of PERQ, a marketing technology and promotions company that ...

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from 146 days ago

What if your business could make money from day one? That’s what Ace Chapman set out to do the summer after high school. But it took a lot longer than he expected to make his first dollar. “I remember spending two months just trying to figure out how we were ...

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from 147 days ago

In the startup world, people often talk about the 20-something-year-old guy who makes apps for other 20-something-year-old guys until they sell their companies for billions of dollars. But those stories aren’t the only ones worth telling. Today, you’re going to hear how a stay-at-home mom turned an idea for her ...

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from 149 days ago

Today’s guest is a guy that started out by blogging and posting videos about beards. Wait until you hear how he turned that into a business. Eric Bandholz is the founder of Beardbrand which evangelizes the beard lifestyle and generates revenue by selling beard care and beard related products. Watch ...

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from 152 days ago

Many entrepreneurs have Too Many Ideas Syndrome. “It’s not a shortage of ideas that’s the problem,” says Sarah Thrift, the CEO and founder of Insight Consultancy Solutions. The more common problem, she says, is having tons of ideas and not knowing how to pursue the right one. For instance, Sarah ...

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from 154 days ago

This interview is about how a 4th grade teacher who wasn’t really into reading blogs ended up building a profitable blog herself. Today’s guest is Lindsay Ostrom. She is the founder of Pinch of Yum, a food site that features delicious recipes that are accompanied by stunning photos. The site ...

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from 157 days ago

Today I have Danielle Morrill with me. She’s the founder of Mattermark, a deal intelligence platform that uses publicly available data to help investors and other deal-makers make decisions. Watch the FULL program Prefer audio? Great! “Right click” here for the MP3 format. About Danielle Morrill Danielle Morrill is the ...

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from 159 days ago

This is the story of a founder who made a promise to his wife that he wouldn’t spend too much money launching his site. That’s how he turned $1,000 into a multi-million dollar business. Jonathan Beekman is the founder of Man Crates which offers gift boxes for men. Their gifts ...

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from 161 days ago

How successful can an independent app developer get? Joining me today is Winston Chen. He is the founder of Voice Dream which makes an IOS text to speech reader for students and adults with difficulties reading visually. He did it with no outside funding and he’s actually, get this, charging ...

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from 163 days ago

Master Class: Buy Ads [private Premium Charter|Premium Annual] DOWNLOAD VIDEO DOWNLOAD MP3 [/private] Report Bugs Course Leader: Justin Brooke, IMScalable Justin Brooke is the founder of IMScalable, digital ad agency that specializes in supplement companies, software companies and info publishing companies. Master Class Toolbox Course Cheat Sheet FB ROI Calculator ...

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from 164 days ago

This is the story of how a car accident lead a founder to finally do what excited him in life. Brian DeChesare is the founder of Mergers & Inquisitions and Breaking Into Wall Street, sites that help people who want to get investment banking jobs. Brian’s sites help with blog ...

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from 166 days ago

How did a medical school dropout build and sell a bank? In 2009, Josh Reich founded Simple, an online replacement for traditional bank checking accounts. It features elegant apps that make it easy for people to see how much money they have and manage that money. Simple eliminates the shocking ...

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from 167 days ago

Before Justin Brooke became an expert at ad buying, he was flipping burgers at Wendy’s. “I could barely afford to eat,” says Justin, the founder of IMScalable. “I was paying a bill or two with my online stuff, so it was real at that point, but it was nowhere near ...

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from 168 days ago

How big of a business can an entrepreneur build by selling headsets? Mike Faith was having trouble when the headsets he bought weren’t working very well. And after a painful experience trying to return them, he thought, “Hey, if I can’t get what I want with headsets, there’s an opportunity ...

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from 171 days ago

I was speaking all day at a conference here in San Francisco. During lunch, I ran into Patrick Ambron who told me, “Andrew, a lot happened since I taught a Mixergy course about how to building and protecting an online reputation.” I said, “Yeah? What happened?” That’s when he told ...

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