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Established 2012

12,000 unique visits a month

50,000 page views a month

56,000 pages on Google

Highest quality traffic

Very low maintenance

Very low running costs

Completely custom coded

Coded for desktop or mobile

Popular service

The site offers information on UK car tax bands, showing tax prices, vehicle information and fuel consumption data.

Tax bands are shown by make and model. There is also a facility to search for a car's tax band by keywords or registration. The site also displays tables of the latest tax prices.

The cost of Vehicle Excise Duty (otherwise known as car tax or road tax) is dependant on the age of the car, its fuel type and its CO2 emissions. For cars registered on or after March 1st 2001 bands are used to determine the price. The tax bands are based on the CO2 emissions of the car. For motor traders or consumers looking to purchase a car, the tax band is very important as tax prices vary from £0 to £515. Hence the reason for this site. You can find the information on Goverment sites but it involves looking up more than one site. Here, the vehicle information, tax band and prices are shown together.

The vehicle data comes from the Vehicle Certification Agency. The site uses a database for the vehicle records and contains around 44,000 records. I update the data about once a month.

I wrote the site myself from scratch, and launched it in 2012.

Tax bands by make, model, variant

The site provides static make/model/variant links to the car data in the database which allows a visitor to determine a car's tax band by browsing the links. These records show various information including fuel consumption figures. Here's an example:

Tax bands by keywords

The database of car records may be searched by keywords, such as "volkswagen golf gti". The output of car details is the same as browsing by make/model/variant shown above.

Tax bands by registration

There is a facility to determine a car's tax band and tax prices by registration. This involves querying the DVLA Vehicle Information Service then parsing the response to calculate the tax band and tax prices. This information is different from the information in the database. It includes the tax and MOT status of the car but does not include fuel consumption figures. Here's an example:

Google performance

There's 56,000 pages indexed on Google: https://www.google.co.uk/#q=site:whattaxband.com - There's 44,000 car make/model/variant records, which accounts for most of these pages.

The site comes up on page one for terms like "how much to tax my car", "find car tax by registration", "car tax for citroen c3", "toyota yaris tax band".


12,000 unique visits, 21,000 total visits, 55,000 page views per month.

The traffic is of the highest quality. The site is not advertised or promoted, yet it has got busier practically every month since I launched it. These are all genuine visitors who have found the site on Google or a link somewhere then bookmarked it. This is not purchased, meaningless trafffic. The traffic has been building in this way, slowly and steadily for five years (almost) and makes for a rock-solid foundation for the site.

The traffic dropped a bit in July 2015 then picked up again in 2016. This was down to a boo boo on my part. Without thinking, I fully updated all 40,000 records in the database, forgetting that this would give them a new record id. All 40,000 records were indexed in Google...by their record id, so at a stroke, 40,000 pages on Google no longer existed!

You can see that visitors make more than one visit per day (on average). In October there was 12,000 unique visits and 21,000 total visits. I think this is down to people in the motor trade using the site several times a day on their mobiles whilst they are going about their business.

Screenshots of the traffic stats:

Traffic Stats 2012

Traffic Stats 2013

Traffic Stats 2014

Traffic Stats 2015

Traffic Stats 2016 (November not full month)

Traffic Stats October 2016

Traffic Stats November 2016 (14th not full day)


The site is very low maintenance. I update it about once a month. Which means getting the latest car data from the Vehicle Certification Agency. The data comes in CSV text files. I have written a PHP script that imports the data into the database and adds the tax band to it. Doesn't take long. I have fully annotated the script so anyone can use it.


Income is zero as I don't sell anything from it. I use it to advertise some of my other sites.

Running costs

Only cost is the hosting, which is down to yourself and is minimal (it doesn't need anything fancy).


The most popular sites that provide similar information are nextgreencar.com and parkers.co.uk but in one case they don't show six-monthly prices and in both cases don't show monthly DD prices. Also in both cases the sites have a lot on them and are not easy to use.

DVLA permission

The search for tax band information by registration number involves looking up the DVLA Vehicle Information website in the background. I contacted the DVLA to ask for permission to do this, which they granted by return.

Data source

The car data comes from the Vehicle Certification Agency - The data is provided free of charge in the form of CSV text files.

User feedback

I get very little user feedback. This is because the site is simple and easy to use. A user comes along, looks up a tax band then goes away. No need to contact me. That's no accident, I made the site that way. I did get very good feedback from a motor trader who said he uses the site regularly to find tax bands by registration, as the vehicle information and tax prices are shown together, whereas on the Government site, only the vehicle information is shown and he has to do a separate lookup for the tax price. I also get an email sent to me when someone performs a registration search, and I can tell in some cases that the same person is making searches for different vehicles, most probably a trader.

Domain names

The sale includes the site domain whattaxband.com plus whattaxband.co.uk


Asking £5,000. The price is in Sterling/UK Pounds/GBP. Difficult to put a value on it but I feel this is about the lowest I would accept for it, as it's the result of almost five years steady quality growth, which appears to be continuing. Plus the fact it's completely hand-coded (by myself). It's not a template, it's not a blog with purchased articles, it's not Wordpress. It's a proper website that provides a good service.

Reason for sale

I need the money. A somewhat reluctant sale. It's been getting busier practically every month since I launched it (with zero advertising and promotion) and I think it will continue to get busier.

Purchase with confidence

I have very good feedback on Flippa which you can see here - See the screenshot below (click to enlarge) if you're not registered with Flippa.

I can also give you access to the stats programme (awstats) on the server.

URL http://whattaxband.com/
Asking Price $6,250.00
Expenses $0.00 per month
Income $0.00 per month
Page Views 2,000 (daily)
Visitors 400 (daily)
Status Fully Developed Website
Category Transportation
Website Profiles Listed November 12, 2016
Seller financial available: N/A
Work from home: N/A
Franchise: N/A
Date: Mon 14 Nov 2016

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