The Outdoor sports market is HUGE, and will just continue exploding over the next decade and beyond.

And one of its fastest-growing niches is… ROCK CLIMBING! Particularly among men and women 25-55!

FACT: Rock climbing enthusiasts’ average annual income is $75K a year!

To not be in this niche would be a huge mistake!


A Fully Integrated/Automated Curation Site Dedicated To Rock Climbing, Designed To Grow Organically Via Social Media!

Built on a proven web/social hybrid model, it will surely become a well-trafficked social hub in the booming Rock Climbing niche! Fully-automated content curation and minimal admin needed (6-8 hours per month)!

A Risk-Free, Effective and POWERFUL Way To Crack the Booming Outdoor Sports Market!

Let's face it, it's just not easy to profit from Amazon and Google traffic anymore. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just giving you a line. Competition is stiff in most niches.

Visitors are much more fickle about “review” sites and boilerplate blogs. And worst of all, thanks to Google's never-ending algorithm changes, getting your site ranked via SEO is no cakewalk anymore.

Yes, unless you invest significant expense and effort, SEO is out for most people, especially when it comes to Amazon and/or affiliate sites.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

"How do I get traffic to my Amazon and other affiliate sites?

And in a way that's cost-effective, and most importantly... profitable?"

Those were the key questions that I needed to answer.

And let me tell you, it wasn't easy to do.

It took my team and me a solid year and a half of development, research, testing, tweaking, and money before we got it right.

The result?

A highly-effective, flexible, intuitive and easy-to-manage website/social traffic model. One that appeals to most users, especially those who are surfing on mobile devices and tablets.

And believe it or not, many sites are STILL losing out on major traffic simply because they still haven’t adapted to this dramatic shift!

Our simple-yet-innovative web/social model keeps visitors engaged via visuals and high usability.

Even better, it's designed to organically grow traffic on its own. With little or no promotion, advertising, or SEO needed!

The content the niche audience wants is distributed via their preferred social channels (With the site serving as the epicenter). So it ultimately finds THEM vs. the other way around.

By staying focused on quality VIDEO content, there is major visual appeal. Much more powerful than blog articles, or even emails in their inbox!

Because it taps into the incredible visual power of social media, without being seen as cheesy “clickbait”. And, it’s done in a fluid way that people LOVE.

When properly executed, this strategy just plain works!

And With Zero-Dependency On Google Or Any Kind Of SEO!

Yep, it took a lot of time, and trial and error, but trust me, it was worth it.

Because since perfecting this model, my team and I have launched sites in several markets and niches, with virtually every single one being profitable.

And yes, there is minimal time/capital investment once everything is up and running. In fact, admin time per site averages about six hours A MONTH (just 1.5 hours average per week!).

Now, I can offer you this complete site/social-marketing package

to conquer the booming, super-rich Rock Climbing Niche!

With, you’re getting much more than just an autoblog or a boilerplate Amazon store!

This is a brand new site (new domain was just registered/activated on 12/9) that’s already getting traffic daily, and organically growing with likes/followers on Facebook and Twitter – with ZERO advertising!

Check it out for yourself!

If you check these pages from day to day, you’ll see that they are growing steadily. Especially the Facebook page!

This is happening thanks to state-of-the-art, fully-automated engagement software running in the background that boosts the site's visibility on Facebook and Twitter, without spamming!

It will build your social fan base organically, naturally, and... automatically!

Here’s something else that’s pretty cool…

Despite not depending on Google for traffic, the site is fully SEO optimized!

See, with the amount of social sharing and engagement that your site will generate, Google won't be able to ignore your site's authority and relevance.

At some point, it will have to start ranking you for certain keywords and phrases higher and higher over time, especially if you add any original content (articles, videos or images)!

And that can only mean MORE free traffic! :)

What you get:

A fully-configured, highly-automated content-driven site that's fully responsive and optimized for mobile. Utilizing a PROVEN responsive premium (licensed) theme with super-clean layout and UX functionality (designed to attract and keep your visitors engaged)!

You also get a full-featured, dynamic mobile-ready online store (check it out at ), fully stocked with Amazon Products (updated daily) and ready for marketing globally in all of Amazon’s markets (not just!

Both the main site and store are Wordpress-based, fully configured with all needed licensed plugins, customizations and apps.

There are also two highly-marketable domain names associated with this site:

Some more features:

Easy to manage, customize and change/update whenever you want!

Complete array of social accounts are INCLUDED, all are fully customized and integrated to your blog! Whenever anything new gets posted, it will automatically syndicate out to the social channels!

100% automatic content curation! Get relevant, timely content from the top content sources (and add others whenever you want), including: YouTube, Tumblr, and RSS feeds. We've already researched and set up the top authority sites, as well as quality blogs. All content gets posted with full attribution links, and proper source credits! Your site will become a "go-to" hub by your visitors for quality content and information about rock climbing and related stuff!

Product recommendations and comments are pulled in directly from Amazon – Store and site are 100% Amazon TOS compliant.

Complete control/flexibility over the content that shows up on your site!

Complete control/flexibility over your store and the products you want to include/feature!

All links to Amazon promote the “add-to-cart” option by default for the 90-day cookie!

Will transfer the site to your desired webhost – Server Requirements: Standard Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) server configuration with Ioncube active (We highly recommend DreamHost!). Domain can be easily transferred to your Namecheap account.

Minimal, EASY administration, can easily be handled by a low-cost virtual assistant or outsourcer with minimal training and supervision.

Initial support and documentation provided! Need/want continuing admin/site support services? Ask me!

A full array of fully-linked and active social accounts including:

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Tumblr

- Pinterest

- Instagram

Your visitors will choose the channel or channels that they prefer, and follow your site's updates. This provides your visitors with an excellent amount of flexibility!

Easy, built-in expandability with native support for several other social/2.0 networks. All installed channels are fully linked to the site and require no additional administration. Content syndication is fully automatic with literally zero additional steps after scheduling or publishing a post!

Built in mailing list/newsletter capability with Mailpoet (no need for an outside list service such as Aweber!). Want to easily build a list of subscribers? You’re ready to rock!

Additional monetization system for your own ads, affiliate banners, and Adsense, built-in and active!

You also get a massive suite of premium plugins, all fully-configured and ready to go! This collection of plugins is worth HUNDREDS of dollars and included FREE under our developers' licenses!

Just some of the plugins include:

SNAP - Social Networking syndication plugin - automatically posts your blog content to your social channels automatically and seamlessly!

WP Fan Machine2 - Connects and interacts socially with other FB pages in your niche to provide your fan page with exposure and visibility in your niche. Helps you build more likes faster, automatically!

WP Tweet Machine - Connects and interacts socially with other Twitter accounts in your niche to gain exposure, build more followers and increase visibility in your niche, automatically!

WP Social Traffic - This plugin enables you to share your posts onto other FB pages' guest timelines automatically, thus generating additional bursts of traffic from social sharing!

Covert Content Wizard - This plugin automatically pulls in content from an unlimited number of content sources on Youtube, RSS feeds, Amazon, Tumblr and more! All feeds are preset and fully tested, and get added to the site in draft form. Just approve/edit posts, schedule and you're done!

And MUCH, MUCH more!

Full documentation for all plugins is provided via the plugin developers' sites!

We handle all the conversion to your own accounts/API keys provided by you during the transition – When delivered, the site will be fully operational on your social accounts and keys, Adsense, and any affiliate offers. 100% TURNKEY!

Your next question is probably…

"Once I get the site, what exactly do I need to do?"

Technically speaking, nothing if you don't want to. You can just set the content curation to fully automatic publishing per a set schedule, and just let it run.

The site will organically build traffic on its own via the social channels, sharing, likes, and so on.

BUT... We don't recommend doing that for several reasons. Over time, the quality of the site will visibly degrade if there is no supervision/quality control of the content.

This will likely cost you some serious user-engagement. You definitely want some human supervision over the incoming content and its scheduling.

A little bit of human interaction goes a LONG way. This will keep the quality up and your visitors engaged. Best of all, it allows you to fully leverage what we call the “social secret sauce”.

This also dramatically improves traffic, boosts engagement, and keeps visitors coming back.

Six to eight hours a month is all it takes!

You can delegate these duties to a low-cost assistant (we can even do it for you as an added service - Ask me!)!

We provide the full admin training in an easy PDF. Just hand that pdf to your selected VA or assistant, along with admin access to the sites.

Boom! Done!

Next Question:

"What can I do to get more traffic?"

Here are just a few things you can do (all strictly OPTIONAL):

1. Run cheap ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to build likes and followers faster.

2. Post original videos related to the niche on YouTube, or a highlight/compilation video with good descriptions and links to your site and store!

3. Buy well-aged, mid/high-PR domains that correspond to the site's niche, and point them to your site for increased SEO power!

4. Develop original content and post. Videos are excellent, as well as quality blog articles that cover specific hot topics for the niche.This will give you an edge on Google's rankings, and encourage social sharing of your own original content by your social fan base!

There are several more strategies that you can implement for additional traffic. Many for little or no cost. You'll get all the details in a handy PDF.

Again, all of these are strictly optional. You need do nothing more than manage the content on the site, and the traffic/social engagement will naturally increase exponentially on its own over time. As your traffic grows, so will your revenue from your store, affiliate offers, and ads.

So what are you waiting for?

Bid/Buy Now! :)

So the next question on your mind right now is probably…

“Who am I, and why should you buy this site from me?”

While I'm relatively new to selling sites, make no mistake, I'm not new to the internet business.

I’ve been marketing online for the last 5+ years, and work with a highly experienced team of developers, internet entrepreneurs and marketers.

Now that we have more than a few profitable websites working profitably, I've become intrigued by the idea of selling quality websites to others. And that’s why I’m here! :)

As of today, we have almost a dozen sites running in a wide variety of niches and micro-niches, all profitable! :)

And now, I'm ready to offer professional, turnkey sites running on this very same proven model in a variety of countless other niches, that others can profit from!


Because quite simply, there are far too many hot niches that I see ripe for the picking, more than my team and I can possibly manage.

Most of the competition still relies on SEO and paid traffic, and fail to be profitable. This traffic model doesn't have that problem, and never will.

So it’s a natural choice for me. Build quailty site properties, sell them off and let other people profit... and just keep cracking more niches that way! :)

My goal is simple:

To give anyone the ability to generate a solid return on their investment, without having to go through the learning curve that I went through to do it!

And that's why you should buy from me!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Place Your Bid Now!

Have other questions?

Feel free to comment or message me directly!

Thanks for checking out my listing, and watch out for more in the future!

P.S., Do you have a niche in mind? Contact me! I can build you a winning custom site/social media solution so you can profit from it!

Asking Price $500.00
Expenses $10.00 per month
Income $1.00 per month
Page Views 25 (daily)
Visitors 15 (daily)
Status Turn-Key Site
Category Sports & Leisure
Website Profiles Listed December 27, 2016
Seller financial available: N/A
Work from home: N/A
Franchise: N/A
Date: Fri 30 Dec 2016

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