Understanding the need of new alternative sources of energy for preserving our nature for the generations to come, our company has concentrated its efforts and knowledge in the development and accomplishment of Renewable Energy Projects. Hereafter we would like to present one of our Projects for Wind Energy, already in a very advance stage of development including design has been completed and approved, most suitable land acquired, applicable permits from the competent authorities secured including design visa etc.

Wind Farm Energy Project

Capacity: 4,5 MW

Geografical position: Northeast Bulgaria

Total area of WF territory: 20 hectare

Ownership of land: Land is owned by the company

Wind turbines planned to install: 2,5 MW

Planned number of towers: 13

Connection to power transmission grid: 20 KV

Data on windiness parameters: 5.88 m/s annual wind speed

Planned annual WF output: 27%

Electricity selling rate: $ 0,12 / kWh

Investments required: $ 7 864 000

WF lifecycle: 25 years

Planned profitability: 27%

Present condition of the Project: Design Visa

Other information

Owner financing: Owner financing is available. Please contact the seller for more information.
Support & training: Company manager will stay with the new owner.

Business Operation

Reasons for selling: Owner's retiring.
Cash flow:
Available on request
Available on request
Seller financial available: Yes
Work from home: N/A
Franchise: No
Date: Sun 27 Feb 2011

Listing Expired!

Location: Bulgaria
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