In Today's World, videos have become so important that people prefer to watch Videos rather than to read. The Average time on websites increases almost 6 times when there is a video to watch on the website. It is only natural because it is easier to grasp and understand compared to reading. People want to refer to videos to learn each & everything nowadays. That is why we created this online make up tutorials to fulfill the need of your visitors.

This website is designed in such a way that there is Zero Work and No maintenance required at all. It comes with flexible Admin section which is highly user friendly and configurable. The site is ready for you to monetize by including Google AdSense, CLICKBANK or basically any ads provider that you know. You can expect to make money lots of money per month easily with little effort of advertising. This website does not require any prior expertise and it is fully Newbie friendly.

At $197 you can buy this website and then we set it up for you and then follow up with step by step instructions on traffic & marketing to get the website started and grow your earnings to the level you want. We can all do with extra money that we can save up for future or present use.




* Search Engine Optimization - We know the vital role of SEO in success of any internet marketer.That is why we have fully optimized this website like Description, keywords, Meta tags,...........Website is highly search engine friendly to bring huge free traffic.

* Advertisement option - You can put Google adsense, CLICKBANK or whatever ads network you want.You can put banner sizes of 728*90, 468*60 or 300*250 & much more. All ads can be managed easily from user friendly admin section.

* Website looks so gorgeous with eye catching logo & Theme. This killer designed website attracts visitor's attention immediately.

* No Technical Knowledge Required - This website is designed in such a way that there is no any prior knowledge required and it is fully Newbie friendly without any experience.

* No Maintenance Required - Fresh contents are automatically updated.So, this website runs on Auto pilot with ZERO WORK.This is like set & forget business .

* This Killer design website is based on Wordpress platform which is easily editable & configurable. You can edit Home page, Pictures, Logo, Content, Fonts, Colors etc as per you need.

* User friendly & maintenance free for new owner. All required plugins are already installed & configured which will play vital role to make the money on Auto Pilot . Every page of this website is designed in such a fashion (With required density of keywords) that search engines ( Google, Bing,…) will give higher ranking in search result of keywords. All hard work is done from my side.

* Makeup Videos are arranged by categories to serve everyone who is looking for makeup information.




There are MANY WAYS TO MAKE MONEY from this Tutorial website.

A. Google Adsense - High paying keywords of this site will add good amount of money in your income.News Category are selected in such a way that Google will place high paying ads only which is one of the major objective to develop this website

B. Click Bank- You will make up to 75 % commission on CLICKBANK products.This news website has various hot category( Business, Sports,...) .So,You will have wide option to put clickbank ads like SEO, Internet Marketing, Sports or whatever you want.

C. Any Ads Network- Well recognized any other Ads Network will add another extra bucks in your income.




To Buy this website just go to www.MoveAfter.com and you will see a buy now button on the top right corner of the website , click that if you want to buy now and then fill the form.




Payment is via Paypal.com, Skrill.com or Payza.com




* Free Website Setup On Your Hosting

* Free Step by step traffic and marketing steps to take for the website

* Plus MUCH More!




* We need for you to have a hosting account and a domain name ...

* We then setup the website on your hosting account. ( Just in case you don't know how to go about getting a domain name and hosting, you can let us know and we will assist you get both )

URL http://MoveAfter.com
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Income $680.00 per month
Page Views 14,398 (daily)
Visitors 1,028 (daily)
Status Fully Developed Website
Category Blog
Website Profiles Listed February 1, 2017
Seller financial available: N/A
Work from home: N/A
Franchise: N/A
Date: Fri 03 Feb 2017

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