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The company started in San Diego, CA in 2010 as a wireless store. After the success of Nova Wireless unlock on the web. The owners decided to provide only online mobile unlocking service worldwide. In 2014 Company moved to Bern, Switzerland.

NOVAUNLOCK offers customers with the outstanding 5 Stars service!
Like any other business, managing an e-commerce website is comprised of a great deal of work. However, if you dedicate yourself toward success, then you shall have nothing to worry about.

Rule#1 You must treat clients patiently and provide a excellent customer service. Keep in mind that NovaUnlock is going to be sold to someone that has expertise in business, the gift of NovaUnlock ought to prolong, and hopefully whoever purchase it, can keep it in business for years to come.

SSL Certificate
In its popular deployment on the internet, HTTPS provides authentication of the website and associated web server with which one is communicating, which protects against man-in-the-middle attacks. Additionally, it provides bidirectional encryption of communications between a client and server, which protects against eavesdropping and tampering with or forging the contents of the communication. In practice, this provides a reasonable guarantee that one is communicating with precisely the website that one intended to communicate with (as opposed to an impostor), as well as ensuring that the contents of communications between the user and site cannot be read or forged by any third party.

Seller Back Panel
Gives you complete control of your store, from taxes to stock levels to customer accounts. Add and remove extensions, change your design, and switch settings as you please. It’s all under your control. One of the biggest risks of using a hosted eCommerce platform is what happens to your store if the provider closes up shop. With Nova Unlock, you have complete control, so there’s never any reason to worry. Your data belongs to you -- and it’s kept secure, thanks to regular audits by industry leaders.

Unlock Certificate
Unable you to unlock any mobile globally from over 35+ country. Apple - all Models / Alcatel - all Models / HTC - all Models / Huawei - all Models / LG - all Models / Motorola - all Models / Nokia - all Models / Pantech - all Models / Samsung - all Models / Sharp - all Models / Sony - all Models / Toshiba - all Models / ZTE - all Models / Additional Unlock Brands are available. The unlocking options are limitless.

Live Chat
Chat with all the features you need to provide winning customer support - it is lightning fast, reliable and scalable. Monitor website visitors in real time, Answer chats from your Mobile Device, Proactively engage visitors with Triggers, Customize your Visitor Widget to suit your site, Localize greetings and messages in your Language, Respond quickly with Predefined Shortcuts.

SEO Ready
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Send me your offer - websitebroker @ novaunlock.com

Need more information regarding income, traffic ...etc I be more than happy to provide all the info.


URL http://NovaUnlock.com
Asking Price $24,980.00
Expenses $500.00 per month
Income $8,000.00 per month
Page Views 376,000 (daily)
Number of Members: 1
Visitors 30,000 (daily)
Status Fully Developed Website
Category E-Commerce
Website Profiles Listed November 17, 2016
Seller financial available: N/A
Work from home: N/A
Franchise: N/A
Date: Sun 20 Nov 2016

Listing Expired!

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