Exclusive Manually Crafted ‘Personal Development’ Blog on a Highly Brandable Aged .COM Domain

Why it’s 7 times better than anything you could see in the "Turnkey" section on Flippa:

  • It has 100% UNIQUE & Original Content – 20 Magazine-quality Articles your visitors will LOVE to read and share (12,600+ words in total!)
  • It also has Sitemap, About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Terms and Privacy Policy pages which are required for AdSense approval
  • All articles contain HD Royalty-free Stock Photos from BillionPhotos.com – Never worry about copyright infringements again!
  • It is based on a Stylish and fully tuned Magazine Theme with a CUSTOM designed Logo – Stand out from the crowd!
  • It is built on a 4-year-old .COM domain which adds more trust
  • AdSense Approval Guaranteed – and we’re really serious about this!
  • It comes with our Lifetime Premium Support, FREE Transfer and setup included!

Thank you for checking out my auction!

Are you fed up with all those copy-pasted, filled with non-unique content and copyrighted images from Google search, ugly looking PLR blogs people are selling on Flippa? Well, I am.

And that’s why today I’m offering you a chance to own something really high-quality and truly original. You can finally get online quickly and cheaply and start making money!

Proudly presenting… SpiritSensor.com - a personal development online magazine focusing on everything from stress relief to relationship problems and thus helping you to take your personal development to the next level!

As you know, the personal development niche is very massive, there is a huge growth potential here and now you can easily jump in with this absolutely GREAT looking website with high quality, UNIQUE Content!

If you're looking to grow your online portfolio, SpiritSensor.com would make an excellent addition and if you're only a beginner then you will be glad to know that the website is super simple to run via the most popular and very EASY to use WordPress CMS.

Moreover, I am always here to help if the buyer has any questions regarding the website or money making ideas. I have 7+ years of Internet Marketing and Website Creation experience which I can share with you!

Now let’s go through the key features of this website.

Aged & Brandable Domain Name

It's not a secret that Google now loves not just EMD domain names but big brands. Here's your chance to own a property that has a proven time-tested POTENTIAL to become a big brand in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

If you provide quality to your users Google will provide you with quality traffic. The first step of any successful website should be securing a high-quality domain name. This is how you stand out and how your visitors will remember you. My website has exactly what you need - a very good, short keyword reach domain name with branding potential!

20 Pages of High-Quality UNIQUE Content

Great content is the main ranking factor according to Google. This website has many awesome articles written by a team of native English writers who focus on writing personal development content.

There are currently 20 posts of perfect quality content for your future visitors! Google loves high quality and unique articles so it's a great jump start for your new website.

Here are all the titles from articles already posted on the site:

  • 8 Tips to Finally Delete Stress from Your Life (683 words)
  • 4 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Failure (522 words)
  • 10 Essential Tips to Get Rich (691 words)
  • 5 Tips to Become Punctual (527 words)
  • 5 Tips to Move On When Dreams Don’t Come True (610 words)
  • 17 Tips for Dealing with Rude People (791 words)
  • The 10 Commandments of a Successful Person (710 words)
  • 10 Reasons for Daily Joy (820 words)
  • 10 Things That Destroy a Couple (642 words)
  • 5 Things You Need to Do in Your Life (579 words)
  • 7 Foods That Make You Depressed (434 words)
  • 7 Foods to Combat Stress and Anxiety (549 words)
  • 10 Reasons for the Lack of Attention in Relationships (981 words)
  • The Roots of Envy and How to Deal with It (626 words)
  • 5 Ways to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts (675 words)
  • 6 Simple Tips to Boost Your Productivity (557 words)
  • 5 Advantages of Being Alone (474 words)
  • 10 Harmful Consequences of Procrastination (508 words)
  • 10 Things That Put You in a Good Mood (642 words)
  • 10 Good Reasons to Take a Nap Every Day (653 words)

That’s 12,674 words in total! Now imagine how much money you’d need to spend to get all this content…

By the way, we have much more articles available for sale in our content store so if you feel you need more content for your visitors then just buzz me – as a buyer you will also get a nice discount!

HD Stock Photos on All Articles

The featured images are the first things your visitors see. To catch more eyes they must be awesome. Images with alt tags and titles are also good for SEO.

99% of other sellers just use images from Google search. Why? Because it’s free while stock photos are usually $2-3 each! But what these sellers don’t care about is the fact that these images from Google are copyrighted and placing them on your site is illegal. Do you want to have problems with the law or maybe you prefer the legal way of doing business?

This is where we come in – all our images are royalty free stock photos from BillionPhotos.com and they actually allow the images to be sold as a part of website unlike ShutterStock or BigStockPhoto for example.

With our website, you don’t have to worry about any legal stuff!

Stunning WordPress Magazine Theme & CUSTOM Designed Logo

Aesthetics are more important than ever - and not simply to impress the reader, but a clean, professional code keeps sites loading and running optimally which is another search engine optimization strategy that should not be overlooked.

SpiritSensor.com has a clean, absolutely beautiful WordPress theme professionally setup for this website.

But that's not all! I've also created a CUSTOM Logo for this website so it's now looking very professional and like a well-known brand!

Exclusive: AdSense Approval Guarantee

This is something no one else can afford to offer because getting AdSense approved requires unique and original content as well as copyright free images and legal pages like privacy policy, disclaimer etc. Google wants only serious sites in their network and it’s pretty obvious. So if you see someone selling yet another recycled PLR blog and telling you will be earning big bucks with AdSense remember – it’s a big lie because you won’t be even approved to earn money.

We are so sure about the quality we’re offering with this website, that we take all the risks – if your website is not approved you can ask for a refund. Sometimes Google feels that there’s not enough content for approval and in this case, we will add more unique articles for absolutely free!

Website Transfer - It's Easier Than You Think!

The domain is currently hosted on GoDaddy and after buying this website the domain will be pushed to your account for absolutely FREE!

Many sellers charge an extra fee for website transfer but I'm providing this service for FREE!

My support team will gently transfer the website to your hosting provider and set everything up for you. All we need to know is your hosting details like cPanel URL, login and password. That's all!

What is The Value of All This?

Let’s calculate what’s the real world value of the website I’m offering to you:

  • A Catchy, 4-Year-old Domain Name: $12 on GoDaddy auctions + $14 for renewal
  • 20 Articles (12,600+ words in total): $200+
  • HD Stock Images on every article: $50+
  • Custom Designed Logo: $10+
  • Lifetime Support: Priceless

So that’s more than $280 already. That’s how much you would need to spend to create a site like this one. And I don’t even count all the hours you need to spend to combine everything.

Even since I have tons of experience in this field, I still need like the whole day to find the suitable domain, research article ideas and outsource them, find relevant stock photos and upload everything on WordPress…

The value of this website is really huge but only today, you can get it for under 100 bucks!

Here's How You Can Contact Me Anytime

Feel free to contact me anytime with your questions about this beautiful website!

Just send me a private message - I'm online every single day working almost 24/7 just for YOU!

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Date: Thu 08 Jun 2017

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