What's for sale?
I'm selling a Mission Foods tortilla route that goes to 5-8 stops and comes with a nice box truck as well.

What's absentee owned?
If you don't want to bother working the route at all and are more interested in getting started in the established profitable route business or adding to other routes, you can hire someone and use the training manual I"ve created to learn the route yourself and then also train employees on the route.
You can either have an employee running the route for about $30k a year (bringing your $80k net down to $50k/yr) or you can find someone that will work for less and make it more profitable if you were absentee owning the business. There is already someone on the route running it, you can keep them or let them go for someone cheaper, or you can run it yourself.

What's the net?
Currently the route is running around $1300 a week (totally verifiable) AFTER all expenses such a gas, truck maintenance, and all insurance. That brings it to about $67k total net. The ad mentions it being about $80k b/c in a few months more stops (the stops are less than 1 mile out of the way) added to the route (8 total) that will bring in an add'l $13k or so making the net $80k. If those new stores grow in business, you could be looking at netting even more than $80k.

Do I have to be in Austin to run this route?
No, an employee can run this route completely and simply discuss over the phone how things are going.

What are the hours?
They're flexible. The route needs some form of work once a day though, so it runs 7 days a week. Some people run the route 5 days a week, and pay someone $100 a week to work the remaining 2 days. Some people work 4am-noon for 2 days a week and 8am-11am the other days. All in all, you're looking at about a 30-40 hour work week depending on how fast you are.

To see more Q&A's go to www.RouteTycoon.com

Reason Selling: Want to use money to buy a different type of business.
Support/Training: Easy to learn. 2 weeks training. I{ll answer any questions by phone ongoing though.
Financing: $60k down, balance of $35k at 5% for 2 years.
Seller Financing Available: Yes
Growth/Expansion: More stores opening in area shortly will create more and more net profits since they{re in your territory.
Competition: Protected terrotory so there{s no other routes competitng with you. Tortillas are a stable business.
Facilities: 2003 Isuzu Box Truck
Cash flow:
Seller financial available: Yes
Work from home: N/A
Franchise: No
Year established: 2005
Employees: 0-2
FF&E: $20,000
Date: Mon 06 Jun 2011

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