On the way from the grocery store, Grandma fell down while holding her groceries and hurt her hip and ankle. She went to the doctor, who tells her she needs a walker from now on, has to put an ankle brace, should probably be using a back brace for all the heavy lifting and should be having Calcium supplements to fortify her bones.

Grandma doesn’t know where to find all these items… and she’s hurt now, so even if she did know where to go, she wouldn’t be able to walk to the store! So she relies on her children to get it for her.

Like grandma, the kids have no idea what is good and what is bad, so they go online and look up places that have a walker, then another that has ankle braces, a third that carries back braces, then finally the pharmacy to get some Calcium supplements.

Wouldn’t it be great if grandma could find a store on her own? What about if the store had everything she needed?

or if it only carried items that it’s researched before putting up on their shelves? So grandma doesn’t have to… Now one step further… What if this store was right next to grandma's building?! NAY! IN HER building! WAIT! the apartment next door! HOLD IT! IN HER APARTMENT! What if this store was IN HER APARTMENT!

Now I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… it is! Now I know you are thinking, BEN STOP THE MADNESS! But my friends! it's true!

Grandma NEVER has to leave the house to find all the medical items she needs, when she needs them.

Find It Medical is an online store that does exactly that. It prides itself on being the one-stop Medi shop where grandma or her kids can go to find whatever they are looking for in the medical, health or wellness industry.

Need a walker or cane? got it. Want to get in shape? need protein or weights? have it. Need a medical bed? got it!

Arthritis care products? OrOrthopedicc care like knee braces? Vitamins!? Supplements?!? Yes sir! I know… what if you have diabetes! WE’VE GOT IT ALL!

Find it medical. Don’t let Grandma run around, don’t make her kids panic. Find It Medical, We got you all covered.


INFO is our website that was created and developed with the aim at providing hand picked, premium selections of Beauty, Medical, Health, and Wellness items, products, and devices, while simultaneously focusing efforts to ensure we surpass customers expectations.

With more and more people getting older, the demand for medical, health and wellness products has boomed and continues in the same growth direction. With Baby Boomers retiring, their health becomes a concern for them all.

With over $15,000 worth of web developing and extension done specifically for this site, we have tweaked and played with the code to make it truly incredible. Currently running Opencart (with quite a bit of modifications), which allows users to easily navigate between and use the backend of the site to see and play with:


Abandoned Carts



Products (in an incredibly easy to use and edit way)




Dashboard (with main critical info)

Geo-location of orders





Status of orders







and SO SO SO much more.

We worked on the functionality and features of the site constantly, always purchasing and developing tweaks and upgrades to make the site easier for users, and consumers. Making it simpler for management, making it more attractive, and at the same time, we did extensive amounts of research and homework to find the best suppliers and manufacturers of the products being offered, while striking agreements with them for the US and for Canada.

The website can be transferred to anyone anywhere, but easiest use would be to US or Canada as it has been setup for these territories.

Currently using BEANSTREAM and PayPal as credit card processing and has the availability and options installed for a HUGE list of others.

Sold as is. We will put you in contact with contacts at all suppliers/manufacturers that supply with the products and help make the transfer over.

Great quality site, premium products, VERY high potential.


Main reason for sale: Was offered another job and no longer have time to give the site the push that it needs to grow to the multi-million $ company it can become.

You will even notice that a few months back we had a huge surge in traffic. This was because I started giving 150% of my time, not sleeping, forgetting to eat, contacting PR, doing SEO on my own, and putting my own savings in order to push this harder and harder. Then I was offered a job and I couldn't pass it up. It was a very hard decision and even listing this site here is quite the challenge for me as I feel like I am trying to give away a part of myself, a part that I have given my blood, sweat and tears over.


If you want to be your own boss, work from home, want to make more money, and want to help others, then Find It Medical is the perfect website and opportunity for you.

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Date: Mon 30 Jan 2017

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