Outstanding Health and fitness website domain with profitable market!

Would you like to own an already established easy to manage health and fitness website?

I’m selling my established, profitable and easy to run health and fitness website - www.dianaboldbol.com essentially a primary asset in the sale. As you know, fitness tips are in demand and always going to be in demand. As you can guess, the potential for making more profit from this is planetary. Since everyone needs to stay fit, this will necessitate the sale of health and fitness products and services on this awesome website. A Premium Fitness Website with great, unique and valuable content

The basic keyword of the website is extremely brand able, this is a great fit in the multibillion health / fitness industry, either for sport supplements, muscle training systems, a website for your existing fitness center, or any other use you can think of.

You can run the business even if:

you can’t create, customize or manage a website (everything has been setup and will be handed over to you if you win this auction)

you don’t have any experience

The health and fitness business is indeed a unique one, where all the clients you need are readily available for you.

The website requires minimal efforts and gives huge profit margins! You have the opportunity at your fingertips to own your very own online business right now!

With this auction, you can be rest assured that your newly acquired business will continue to grow in both the immediate and long term run.

The website could be grown to include an email list and send groups members into a funnel. Once members have signed up, they could be then targeted with weekly emails – again opening up an additional income stream.

This acquisition would be a perfect match for an IM, SEO, Domain company or Affiliate Network or similar company seeking to monetize the captive audience.

Suggested Keywords that can help this website to rank easily: health club, gymnasium, fitness center, muscle training, sports nutrition, sports supplements, nutritional supplements, protein supplements, bodybuilding supplements, weigh protein, muscle building, build muscle, diet, exercise routine, supplement store, supplement shop, steroids."

Who can run the website?

This is not just a website for sale, it’s a complete business. Anyone who wants an established business that is in a pronounced niche would be ideal for this. The whole thing could make a lot more investment and advertising.

What’s included with the sale in this auction?

Domain - www.dianaboldbol.com

Free transfer of site to your server.

Right to ALL content on the website

A killer website, BRANDED domain, in a profitable niche

Thank you for reading through to the end. It is not over yet. It’s time to place a BID. This is a friendly advice – people will be jumping on this as this is a rare opportunity, anyone can get it before you. It’s indeed high time you bid on this before it is won by someone else.

Let me know if you have any question about this auction.

URL http://www.dianaboldbol.com/
Asking Price $1,500.00
Expenses $0.00 per month
Income $0.00 per month
Page Views 0 (daily)
Visitors 10 (daily)
Status Fully Developed Website
Category Health
Website Profiles Listed October 28, 2016
Seller financial available: N/A
Work from home: N/A
Franchise: N/A
Date: Sun 30 Oct 2016

Listing Expired!

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