This business is FULLY LOADED, with numerous revenue streams to protect the bottom line! More than just a car wash, it also has a branded, canopied, self-service gas station, a convenience store, and a ready-to-open Quick Lube! The owner has also just renovated and expanded the convenience store, adding space for a franchise like Western Union. The carwash currently processes 50 to 100 cars a day (more during the winter) at $14 - $16 per car. They also perform complete auto detailing, which brings in additional income. The car wash equipment is all up to date and in excellent condition, and you own it all. The gas station is open 24/7 and pumps 120K gallons per month with 3 pumps and 6 hoses. The tanks are up to code and are the responsibility of the landlord. The environmentals are clean. This is a commission station: the owner always nets 8 cents per gallon. The convenience store sales are on the rise and can be greatly increased by adding beer and cigarettes. Lotto brings in an additional $2000 in commission. The ATM, vacuum, and air machines deliver more revenue. The gas station alone easily covers the rent, and the landlord will give you a new 10-year lease. The business occupies a corner lot on a heavily-trafficked main road, and is always busy! This is a STEADY MONEY-MAKER!

Seller financial available: Yes
Work from home: No
Franchise: N/A
Employees: 0
Date: Tue 01 Dec 2015

Listing Expired!

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