This feel good beach-oriented business opportunity is a multi-faceted one! It entails one time or ongoing education and summer camps that that have a youth focus, but also caters to adults. As a result of the unique city permitting for the business, the company also has a highly coveted beach permit that allows it to host events on the beach! Specifically, the permit allows them to have events for 200 patrons in a prime, football field sized area, 60 of which are permitted to be in the water at a time. Because of this, the company receives regular requests for corporate or other on beach events – which generate $1,000s in revenues without outbound marketing or any formal form of business development geared towards this lucrative revenue source.

This is a home-operated business that does not require a formal office, though one may be merited shall a buyer wish to further develop the core business as well as the events based opportunity. The sale includes the company’s 10 plus years of established goodwill, Santa Monica beach event permit, and all of the business’s furniture, fixtures and equipment which consists of nearly $40,000 in education related equipment and its storage unit, as well as roughly $5,000 in retail products offered for sale.

Seller financial available: N/A
Work from home: N/A
Franchise: N/A
Date: Tue 28 Jul 2015

Listing Expired!

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