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Description of The Site: is an "Evergreen Niche" in the Parenting/Family/Children industry. The domain offers our viewers quality advice, reviews, and articles on everything Parenting & Home Related.

This is a great opportunity for beginners or advanced Entrepreneurs, Business people, Investors, and anyone looking at Passive Income endeavors.

The site is very well laid out, and easy to navigate, mobile optimized, and uses HTML5/CSS3; which is important these days in a Google controlled world.

While it might not look as fancy as some of our other domains, it definitely brings us in a stable check each month with very minimal effort so we're very happy with this pilot project in this niche.

Topics include Parenting Advice, Education, Nutrition, Family Time, & Baby Products

Business Model:

The content on the website is written by our team of All American Content Writers who have been with us since 2012. The content is well researched, unique and offers our viewers engaging articles covering a wide variety of topics.

The Traffic comes predominately from Paid Traffic in the form of PPC Search Traffic, Organic, Social and Referral Traffic.

PPC Traffic Sources utilized but are not limited to: Facebook, Bing and AdWords

The entire business model will be disclosed to the lucky winner as the structure and "know-how" is Intellectual Property!

All traffic methods fully comply with Google Policies. We've spent a very long time fine-tuning our business model to offer quality content and traffic that generates a very good Return on Investment each month as we use this model ourselves.

Always remember that sites, which rely solely on Organic Traffic, are Dangerous and Increase your RISK!

Our Business Policy does not permit anyone to be added to Google Analytics or AdSense so please don't ask. Thank you!

Monetization:, AdSense and Amazon Affiliate (Secondary)

Time requirement:

The time required is very minimal, under 6hrs or so per week once the traffic campaigns are setup. Everything including content writing is fully outsourced and we typically post an average of 1-4 articles per month, of course this can be increased depending on your budget.

The business is very passive with very minimal operating costs. It offers significant Freedom and Flexibility when compared to other online businesses such as drop-ship and e-commerce stores.

Immediate Growth Potential:

Currently we have more than 20 articles on the site with plenty of room to grow. The immediate growth potential is significant as more and more parents are turning to the internet for parenting advice as well as to make online purchases for their children and family. Over $300 Billion was spent online in 2016 and this number continues to grow each year.

Future Opportunities:

Again, because this is an Evergreen Niche, of which Google looks favorably upon; provided the content being added continues in good standing, and traffic is kept consistent then the growth potential of the site is very strong with a minimal risk of market saturation.

Why is the business being Sold?

We are constantly evolving our business and investment portfolio. We are also working in offline business endeavors that requires ongoing capital expenditure so selling this website addresses that requirement for us.

What is being included with the sale?

1. Domain and All Content Rights for

2. Access to our Members Training Portal Containing Step-By-Step Videos to Replicate our Success.

3. Access to all of our Outsourcers

4. Excel File with High CPC Keywords for Content Growth

5. 30-days After-Sales Support


We are open to negotiating BIN incentives with all serious buyers.

Payment will be via with the standard 3-day inspection period.

Asking Price $30,000.00
Expenses $675.00 per month
Income $3,000.00 per month
Page Views 6,000 (daily)
Visitors 3,000 (daily)
Status Fully Developed Website
Category Blog
Website Profiles Listed December 21, 2016
Seller financial available: N/A
Work from home: N/A
Franchise: N/A
Date: Fri 23 Dec 2016

Listing Expired!

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